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Employee Contact Info with Digium Numbers and Skype Names

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LH Wifi Password

LH Staff Meetings 2018

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LH Phone Extension List 2018

LH Social Events Calendar 2018

About Wikis

A wiki is a special type of website which allows authorized users to make edits to the pages from their own browsers. Unlike public-facing websites which share a specific marketing or brand message, or sites that are primarily transactional, wikis are primarily used by groups of folks to share knowledge. For more information on wikis please visit the most popular wiki ever, Wikipedia.

The Lipman Hearne Wiki

The Lipman Hearne wiki is another tool in our digital toolbox with the specialized purpose of knowledge sharing. Just as the other tools we use daily have specific purposes, so does the wiki. The wiki is best for shared, persistent knowledge. Have you ever asked "Do you know the wireless password?" A wiki is the ideal place to post the wireless password (see the Lipman Hearne Info page). The only people with access to the Lipman Hearne wiki are Lipman Hearne employees, so you can feel secure about sharing information here. We've organized the Lipman Hearne wiki around our service areas. You can use the navigation on the left to explore the service area pages. There is also a Training page where you'll find links to the Training presentations, and a general Lipman Hearne Info page where you'll find such info as the updated extension and client speed dial lists. We hope that this proves to be a valuable tool for you and your colleagues. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Doug Dawson via email or at x241.

Getting Started

Browsing through the different service areas at the left is a great way to get started. Go to your service area page and see what information is there. Think something should be added for everyone in your group to know? Just click the "Edit" link in the upper-right and add it yourself. The editor is very much like working with Word. If you're not sure what a button in the editor ribbon is for simply hover your cursor over it for a description.